Friday, 2 June 2017

Trump kills the Paris Accord and the World goes Bonkers ?

So Trump quits the Paris Agreement (Accord de Paris) and the World goes crazy !
Now tell me this, if Global Warming or Climate Change or whatever it is called these days is Real  then why are these people, Scientists, Actors, Government Officials  still  driving cars, flying in planes, using fossil fuels to heat their homes Air conditioning, eating meat, using plastic, electricity ....  Have Scientists and Actors stopped doing these things ?  No ? Then they are either Hypocrites or Liars.  If humans are creating Climate Change by using Fossil Fuels these Climate Change Proponents would be leading by example. Are they ? Just watch how many times they fly around the world, watch how big their homes are, how big their cars are, how much CO2 they produce each and every day.
Do they lead by example ? Are they all Vegans living in Tiny houses and teepees ?  No ? Didn't think so.  If Climate Change is real why don't all the Scientists and Actors at least stop flying in airplanes ?
The amount of CO2 created from one flight to Paris equals the amount of CO2 an American Family puts out in one year ! Think about that for one second ....

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